2019 Design Competition


Residence Under 1500 Sq. Ft.

Model Home/Show House

Residential Over 5000 Sq.Ft.

Residential 3k-5k Sq.Ft.

Residential Bath

Residential Kitchen

Outdoor​ ​Living

Residential​ ​Renovation

Residential​ ​Individual​ ​Space

Custom​ ​Design​ ​Element

Historic Preservation

Wild​ ​Card

  • First Place

    First Place

    Designer(s): Julie Lampe
    Project Name: Retro-Glam Powder Room
  • Second Place

    Second Place

    Firm: Lisa Smith Designs
    Designer(s): Lisa Smith
    Project Name: Veterinary Center and Pet Resort

Architectural Detailing

Commercial​ ​Individual​ ​Space


  • First Place

    First Place

    Designer(s): Amy Boyett-Whiter, Project Designer | Juliana Catlin, Principal | Kelly Boyett | Jacqueline Reese
    Project Name: AmerisBanCorp
  • Second Place

    Second Place

    Designer(s): Lori Avampato | Jack Braxtan | Valerie Backmann | Leigh Gunn | Jessica White
    Project Name: Smith Hulsey and Busey




Student - Residential Under 3000 Sq.Ft.

Student - Hospitality

  • First Place

    First Place

    Firm: Florida State University; IDSO
    Designer(s): Zuleydi Gonzalez
    Project Name: kastað
  • Second Place

    Second Place

    Firm: Seminole State College; School of Interior Design
    Designer(s): Leah Peavy
    Project Name: Austria Sky Lounge