Webinar Resource Guide

Here is your Webinar Resource Guide!

National ASID COVID-19 Resource Link: https://www.asid.org/resources/covid-19



Sept 1-3, 2020  CAPS 3 DAY https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=757


Sept 1, 2020      CAPS I         https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=754


Sept 2, 2020     CAPS II         https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=755


Sept 3, 2020   CAPS III           https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=756


Sept 18, 2020  UDE               https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=758



Sept 22-24, 2020  CAPS 3 DAY   https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=760


Sept 22, 2020  CAPS I                 https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=761


SEPT 23, 2020  CAPS II               https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=762      


SEPT  24, 2020  CAPS III             https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=763


Sept 25, 2020  UDE                    https://www.goldenageliving.com/evrplus_registration/?action=evrplusegister&event_id=759


LEED Green Associate (GA) Training

Due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus, I will be transitioning upcoming in-person workshops to scheduled live webinars, or you can take the on-demand self-paced online workshop any time accessible for an entire year. 
Webinar and Online self-paced options:
I will be offering live webinars that can be streamed on any of the following dates:

• August 23 2020 – 1:00PM – 5:00PM EDT   -   OR   -

• September 12 2020 – 2:00PM – 6:00PM EDT

The above options are identical to the in-person workshops. 
You can register here for a webinar - https://leadinggreen.com/webinars  
Online – Start today - Self-paced recorded workshop
Or take the on-demand recorded course completed at your own pace here - https://leadinggreen.com/online  
Make your personal or corporate CV stand out with the LEED Green Associate. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a sustainability scorecard for green buildings, but people can also become LEED Accredited to show the industry their knowledge in the field.
This course is taught by USGBC faculty and to date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 9000 students pass their respective exam at a 99% pass rate. This course is offered at a quarter of the price and time as the competition.

Cost: $200

Use the coupon code ‘sust’ for $50 if you are paying out of your own pocket.

To register for a live webinar please visit: https://leadinggreen.com/webinars  

Or online on-demand here -  https://leadinggreen.com/online  

Please contact the instructor Lorne directly with any questions at info@leadinggreen.com  



ASID Florida North current webinar series - https://fln.asid.org/webinarseries, if you would like to host a virtual happy hour, CEU webinar, virtual materials library, etc. we have limited spots but would love to hear from you.