2021 Design Competition: Closed


Enter Now! https://cpjam.com/asid/florida-north/contests/2021-Design-Competition


Registration Open From:

May 21, 2021 12:00AM - **EXTENDED TO August 20, 2021 11:59PM**

  • Entry Criteria:

  • Each entry must represent a permanent installation (except show house and student) that was installed after January 2019.

  • Entries receiving previous publicity are eligible.

  • Entries that have won previously are NOT eligible.

  • Projects previously awarded in this design competition are not eligible.

  • Members entering projects for consideration must be either Professional, Allied, Associate, Student, or Industry Partners in good standing with ASID and a member of Florida North Chapter. If you have any questions regarding your membership status, please email Membership@fln.asid.org for further information.

  • Entries must be free of ALL identifying markers. This includes the names of clients, names of designers, logos, watermarks, etc. 

  • Only (1) project per Entrant per Category


All entries will be judged on a 100-point scale with the following criteria:

  • Scale and proportion
  • Color composition
  • Creative use of space
  • Functional use of space
  • Effective use of lighting
  • Appropriate design solutions
  • Relationship of materials, textures, and patterns
  • Written design concept statement
  • Attention to details and design elements
  • Overall Design Cohesion 

The judges will be comprised of Professional or Allied ASID members in good standing with ASID from ASID chapters outside of Florida North.
The designation of First Place is given to the highest scoring project. The designation of Second Place is given to the next highest scoring project. These projects must exhibit excellence in meeting all of the criteria. All projects must receive an average score of 70 or higher to be eligible for an award.
All project submissions are awarded at the discretion of the judging panel. All entries will be reviewed, and no category will be omitted due to a lack of participation (i.e., only one entry received). Awards are not guaranteed in every category, for example, if all submissions in a particular category have an average score lower than 70.

  • Members - $85 per entry
  • Students - $25 per entry
  • Non-Project Awards - Free

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, we will not hold our annual Chapter Weekend in person this year, but we look forward to providing you with an alternate virtual format for the awards. Stay tuned for more details!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email:

For Questions: Ariel Cox - president@fln.asid.org 


RES01: Residential: <1500 sf

RES02: Residential: 1500-3000 sf

RES03: Residential: 3000-5000 sf

RES04: Residential: 5000+ sf

RES05: Residential: Model Home/Showhouse

RES06: Residential: Wild Card

RES07: Residential: Renovation

RES08: Residential: Kitchen

RES09: Residential: Bath

RES10: Residential: Individual Space

RES11: Residential: Outdoor Living Space


COM01: Commercial: Hospitality

COM02: Commercial: Corporate

COM03: Commercial: Healthcare

COM04: Commercial: Institutional/Education

COM05: Commercial: Government/Municipal

COM06: Commercial: Retail

COM07: Commercial: Individual Space

COM08: Commercial: Wild Card

COM09: Commercial: Multi-Family


DIL01: Sustainable Design - LEED/WELL/CAPS/Green Design

DIL02: Custom Design Element/Architectural Detail

DIL03: Historic Preservation

DIL04: Wild Card


IP01: Industry Partner: Showroom

IP02: Industry Partner: Project

IP03: Industry Partner: Product


STU01: Student Residential

STU02: Student Corporate

STU03: Student Healthcare

STU04: Student Retail

STU05: Student Hospitality

STU06: Student Wild Card


AWA01: Community Service/Involvement

AWA02: Rising Star Residential- 5 years or less 

AWA03: Rising Star Commercial - 5 years or less 

AWA04: Student Scholarship

Enter Now! https://cpjam.com/asid/florida-north/contests/2021-Design-Competition